About Us

Natural Healthy Foods is a new venture by a local couple Simon & Susan who have had businesses based in Digbeth for over 20 years. Simon, the director of the company is currently in the final year of a Naturopathic qualification. Following a personal healing journey over the last 7 years he is a staunch advocate of healing the body (and the planet) through plant based living. Susan has been vegetarian and vegan since she was a child, she loves nothing more than helping and advising customers on all aspects of living a nutritional vegan lifestyle. 

Earlier this year we had the privilege of being able to take over one of the midlands oldest vegan stores, based in the Birmingham Friends of the Earth building there has been a shop on this site for almost 30 years. Desperately in need of some TLC we decided to completely refurbish and restock the shop. Using sustainable materials and Digbeth based creatives the aim was to maximise the number of vegan lines we could get into a relatively small space. It soon became clear that the existing space was not large enough, following discussions with Friends of the Earth we were able to secure an additional room. This area was successfully launched on 31st October.

We are also aware of the huge range of vegan products that are now available, our personal experience is that many of these are difficult to get in the Birmingham area so we want to bring as many of them into our store a possible. Currently we stock approx 1500 lines all plant based as they always will be. Its our intention to increase this each month and in early 2016 will will be launching a click and collect service meaning we can provide more lines than ever.

As our name suggests we are passionate about living a healthy life based around plant based foods. We understand that this way of living is a journey for many people, we aim to stock products which support people on this journey an provide excellent substitutes for products that Vegans tend to miss, as well as highly nutritious amazingly tasty foods. We have some great products from America including Gomax Go bars and Tofurky, amazing nut based Cheeze by Vegusto, fermented products such as Kombucha and Kimchi. We are passionate about Raw foods and have a wonderful collection of Raw chocolate, Superfoods and Raw Supplements.

We love to help so it would be great to see you in our store and to hear how we can help you enjoy your chosen Vegan Lifestyle.

See you soon,

Simon & Susan