Trek Cocoa Chaos Bar

Product Description

Trek Cocoa Chaos is a protein rich snack bar with delicious natural ingredients and none of the artificial additives you'll find in other protein bars. Ideal for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, this Cocoa Chaos bar is a popular choice with people who love the outdoors, keeping fit and staying healthy in general - in fact it's a great source of slow release energy for anyone on the go.



Dates (33%),  Soya Protein Crunchies (Soya Protein,  Tapiocha Starch,  Salt) (15%),  Fruit Juice Concentrates (Apple,  Grape,  Pear) (13%),  Raisins (12%),  Gluten Free Oats (8%),  Cashews (8%),  Cocoa Powder (4%),  Soya Flour,  Natural Flavourings,  Rice Starch, 

Vendor : Trek Bars

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