Raw Chocolate Co - Raw Chocolate Mulberries

Product Description

Chewy, caramelly Turkish White Mulberries delicately dipped in our glorious raw chocolate. Dare you share them?

Our organic white Mulberries come from Turkey where they have been considered a luxurious treat for centuries. They have a delightful chewy, toffee caramel flavour that is so more-ish and satisfying when combined with our raw chocolate. It is really hard to put a packet down, you have been warned! The original inspiration for our raw chocolate coated range, we were excited six years ago when we discovered the combination and they still excite us to this day. Enjoy!c

Cacao solids: 41% minimum.


raw mulberries (44%),  raw cacao mass,  coconut palm sugar,  virgin cacao butter,  cacao powder, 


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