Concious Raw Chocolate - The Nutty One

Product Description

Made with organic brazils (6%), cashews (6%), hazelnuts (6%) and walnuts (6%). Cacao solids 70%. For all nut lovers. Generous amounts of our four different, coarsely chopped nuts are blended with the plain raw chocolate for the nuttiest experience.

Our raw, hand-made chocolate is certified as organic, vegetarian and vegan and it is free from gluten, dairy and soya with a low gi and gl and only sweetened with agave nectar.


Rasw cacao powder (Equadorian),  raw cacao butter,  (Equadorian),  and agave nectar (15%),  coconut butter,  carob powder,  cashews (6%),  brazils (6%),  hazelnuts (6%) and walnuts (6%),  cinnamon,  Himalayan salt., 


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